Our approach

Maximal minimalism. An ethos, not a style.

Many designers like to define themselves in terms of style. We like to define ourselves in terms of ethos. The starting point for our designs is Scandi-inspired simplicity. To that we add a colourful twist, as well as pattern, to make the space more personal to you. Ultimately, we work with your style.

But more importantly, we are slowly shifting the discussion altogether, away from style. We are here to challenge current understandings of the practice and agency of spatial design. Our focus is on the impacts of space on people and the planet. Every day, we work towards reimagining spatial design as part of the solution, not part of the problem. (OUR VISION)

Spatial design as part of the solution, not part of the problem

Because current industry practice fails to acknowledge how fundamental spatial design is to the indoor based human existence of our age. Trends and ‘fast interiors’ are problematic both for the planet and people. Interior design is not a superficial mechanical practice, but primarily about understanding people in their environment.


We do our bit, and help you do yours, by specialising in creating sustainable and healthy spaces. We design and advise on designing spaces that will remain relevant beyond the short term, by championing a model of ‘design in time’. (OUR MISSION) We’re acutely aware that change is the only constant.


Spaces for people need life and energy. We do welcoming and fun, by working expertly with colour and pattern. But it’s not only this that makes us Bright. We believe that Interior Design is about more than how the space looks, but how the space works and what impact it has on its users and the world around us.


Building on rich Nordic design heritage, our design vision is guided by minimalism and simplicity. Our intuition is to create spaces that are modern and functional, but with a strong link to nature. Principles of responsibility and sustainability, so deeply rooted in the Nordic world, are close to our heart.


Lead, don't follow.

We don’t believe in following the crowd, and feel strongly about some things. Our approach is creative, informed, frank and unique. Read on to learn what makes us tick.


A deep understanding and a sense of responsibility, not just a word or a box to tick. We loathe the ‘fast interiors’ dynamic, and strive to design less environmentally taxing spaces.


We appreciate the nuanced ways in which the built environment affects people’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Humans are, after all, an indoor species, spending >90% of our time indoors.

Maximal minimalism.

The core of our design ethos: less stuff, more impact. Designing is not always about adding, it can also be about removing, questioning, amending and redefining. We do this every day.

No trends.

Following trends requires no design expertise. We see our work as more important, varied and analytical than keeping abreast with what’s hot and what’s not. An interior is not for one season.


In an age of machines, we still take the time to get to know you. Algorithms are efficient but not always effective. Our design work is done by humans for humans, because humans are better than machines at empathy.


Are you moving into a new home, renovating your existing one, building an extension, or doing a quick refresh? We bring creative solutions and take the stress out of it for you.


Is your kitchen past its best? Are you searching for a sustainable alternative that is also low-VOC? We design and supply unique Finnish Miinus kitchens. Read more here.


You have a rough plan for your space, but are stuck with a dilemma. Together, we talk through the pros and cons, leaving you better informed and prepared for the next steps.


We have trade accounts with many like-minded suppliers. This allows us to bring you their high quality sustainable products, materials and finishes for less.


You’re trying to get a better grip on your project. Whether it’s joining you for a house viewing to assess its potential or attending a site meeting with contractors, we can help.


Your company’s spatial needs have changed with the ‘new normal’. They are likely to keep on changing. We can help you devise a robust spatial strategy.



We met Maria at the Grand Designs Show where we were immediately impressed by her bright and bold downstairs toilet. Her enthusiasm and open-minded character gave us confidence to entrust her to design our bathroom as well as creating a design scheme for the rest of the flat.

Design – Maria is very skillful in combining different colours, patterns and materials and she is also very understanding of our specific preferences, reflecting them beautifully in her design. She had many ideas to bounce around which helped inspire us and provide focus on what we really wanted. Her design is elegant, beautiful, simple but also timeless.

Professional – Maria is very professional, always communicating with us clearly and promptly and was very patient at explaining things and guiding us when we were to make our own decisions. In times of stress she was always calm in providing a solution to the situation.

Always puts clients first – We had done a lot of research before we chose Maria and really appreciated that we were not tied to brands where she had a trade account. We always had a choice of benefiting from her trade discount or ordering ourselves if we could find cheaper elsewhere. She even emailed us when our curtains were on sale online so we could buy them ourselves with a 40% discount!

If you are someone who is serious about great design and cares about spending time to make your home look great, you need someone like Maria who creates unique designs and is also trustworthy, down-to-earth, encouraging and inspiring. It’s not only the final result of the look of your home, but also the journey of getting there – you need a great partner and we will highly recommend Maria.

Xiaonan, NW3

Maria from Bright Designs was an invaluable resource for our kitchen extension and bathroom design project. From conception to design through to completion of the building works, she helped insure that the finished product was what we wanted to achieve and more. She has really creative ideas while taking into account personal taste and is such a great project manager. She understands the pressures of a building project and major decisions that come out of the blue and have to be made quickly. I cannot thank her enough for her contributions to our project. She is my go-to resource whether I want to re-design a room or start another building project.


I love my new kitchen. Even the things I was not sure about before it was fitted work so well. Very good product quality and Maria rightfully got us to check everything through the whole procedure (delivery, storing, fitting etc). This was important during lockdown as she couldn’t come here. I am surprised just how much the new kitchen works. I always believed it was too small with not enough wall space but Maria has designed it so well I no longer feel this and it’s wonderfully light and spacious.




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