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We are proud to work with Puustelli Miinus kitchens: an innovative environmentally sound alternative to standard fitted kitchens. Low-VOC and with strong sustainability credentials, Miinus kitchens are better for you and better for the planet. See below for how we approach kitchen design.

A new approach to sustainability.

Miinus Kitchens are based on a long-lasting, modifiable and recyclable construction. A Miinus kitchen only requires ½ of the material of a standard kitchen, and has a carbon footprint that is 30-45% lower. Every design element follows the 3R sustainability principles. The pioneering system was shortlisted in the Futurebuild 2020 Big Innovation Pitch (Materials category).

Materials matter.

None of the traditional and often problematic kitchen materials are used in Miinus (chipboard, MDF, laminate, melamine). These have been replaced with innovative biocomposite, real wood veneers and FOSB, all from well-managed and certified forests. The biocomposite is fully recyclable: a first in the kitchen industry.

Healthy indoor environment.

Only non-toxic materials and finishes are used in Miinus. This means that they will not pollute your indoor air or pose health risks to your family. The biocomposite frame and drawers contain 0% formaldehyde, while the wood-based panels and fronts are NAF (no added formaldehyde).

Unique futureproof design.

The product offers exceptional longevity and lengthy warranties: 30 years for bio-composite frames and mechanical parts, and 10 years for fronts and panels. The units are easy to handle, install, and modify over time. The biocomposite construction also allows us to create flood-resilient Miinus Kitchens.

Quality from a 100-year-old company.

Miinus is manufactured by Puustelli, Finland’s leading kitchen manufacturer with a reputation for quality and innovation. The company has a strong ecological and social ethos, and has achieved ISO quality certification covering all aspects of its activities.

Finnish design heritage.

Miinus follows deeply rooted Finnish design principles of simplicity and closeness to nature. Thanks to the versatility of wood, there is a wide range of colours and styles available. All of the options allow the creation of effortlessly elegant kitchen designs that will stand the test of time.

Our process

The kitchen renovation journey can be confusing. We have a process in place that works, and we support you all the way. Our kitchen supplier is Puustelli, Finland’s leading kitchen manufacturer. They have been trading for 100 years, and have been trusted by generations of Finnish families to seamlessly deliver them high quality kitchens.

1. Initial Consultation

We discuss your project on a call, video or in person. The more information you can give us, the better we will understand your aims, and the more accurate our proposal can be. Don’t worry if your ideas are still a bit vague: we can help focus your mind on the optimal solutions for your space and lifestyle.

2. Brief + Budget + Deposit

On the basis of the Initial Consultation, we prepare a brief and a first design draft. At this stage we will also give you a clear indication of the cost of your kitchen. If you are happy to proceed to the next stage, we ask for a £1000+vat deposit in order to move on to the Design Detail phase.

3. Design Detail

Together, we iron out all the details: style, materials, sizes, appliances, handles, worktops, accessories and more. We visit to take accurate measurements, if practical and required. We finalise the design, and share with you our high quality online room walk-through, as well as the technical drawing pack.

4. Sign Off + Balance Payment

We ask you to check and sign off on the final design. The remainder of the payment for your kitchen is also now due. No changes to the design can be made after this point. Don’t worry: we do a lot of the checking for you, but ask you to ensure that nothing has or will change from your side.

5. In Production + In Transit

Your kitchen is manufactured in a state-of-the-art sustainable factory in Finland and packed onto pallets. From there, it is shipped to the UK. For the record, transport is accountable for only 5% of the product’s carbon footprint.

6. Installation + In Use

From the day the kitchen is ordered, it takes 6-8 weeks for it to arrive to you. We will guide more precisely for your kitchen specifically. The installation timeframe will depend on size and complexity (1-2 weeks would be typical). Once you are fully satisfied, the kitchen is all yours to enjoy.

Whether you are just starting to explore a potential kitchen renovation or are further along in the process, why not get in contact to discuss the benefits of our kitchens.


We work with like-minded companies whose products complement our kitchens and interior solutions. Below are some of our trusted industry partners. If you have specific products in mind – be they finishes, materials or appliances – we can work these into our designs and often offer a discount as well.



We are proud to be a designer and supplier of Puustelli Miinus kitchens. This innovative kitchen solution is unlike any other on the market, featuring a patented biocomposite carcass replacement system. A Miinus Kitchen requires only 1/2 of the material of a standard kitchen, and has a carbon footprint that is up to 45% lower. The manufacturer, Puustelli, is a trusted household name in Finland. They have been around for 100 years, and have a strong sustainability drive at the heart of the company. Their current project is to become an entirely carbon neutral kitchen manufacturer!



Dekton ultracompact sinterised stone surfaces by Spanish manufacturer Cosentino are our worktops of choice. Scratch resistance, stain resistance, and heat resistance are just some of the properties that we love in Dekton worktops. The finishes and colourways also perfectly complement our veneers.



The stylish and versatile boiling water taps from Dutch company Quooker are a must for a busy family kitchen. These high quality taps come in a range of styles and finishes, and include several optional features (e.g. sparkling water), in addition to the boiling water function. For practicality and energy efficiency, as well as to save time, the Quooker is our tap of choice.



All paint is the same, right? Definitely wrong! VOC-free CO2 absorbing paint from Graphenstone is an excellent choice for an eco-minded decoration project, be it a kitchen or otherwise. Using proprietary graphene technology makes these paints durable and less taxing on the environment, and the health of the occupants of the space. Graphenstone paints are also a breathable, high coverage and washable solution.



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