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Halifax Events: Eco-conscious interior design

As part of Halifax Events, Maria is going live once more: this time to talk about designing interiors more sustainably.

Many people are increasingly making their consumption decisions on the basis of sustainability criteria. How about the design of our homes: what does sustainability mean in this context, and how do we approach it?

Tune in on 16 September at 10am to discuss!

Halifax Events: Interior design for wellbeing

Our partnership with the nation’s largest mortgage lender continues. As part of Halifax Events, Maria will be doing a talk on designing our spaces with wellbeing in mind.

This approach to design has received increased attention on the back of the effects of covid-19 on our lifestyles. Maria will give her take on what it means to design for wellbeing, offering helpful tips along the way.

Join us online on 2 September at 10am!

Miinus Kitchens at Futurebuild: Big Innovation Pitch

We are delighted to be taking part in Futurebuild, 3-5 March 2020 at the Excel in London. The event brings together influencers and innovators shaping a more sustainable future across the spheres of Buildings, Critical Infrastructure, Energy, Interiors, Offsite and Resourceful Materials.

Miinus Kitchens, which we at Bright Designs are proud to be associated with, have been shortlisted in not one but two categories of the Big Innovation Pitch. Run in conjunction with BRE, the world’s leading buildings science centre, the Big Innovation Pitch showcases solutions to the many sustainability challenges facing the built environment today and in the future.

Here at Bright Designs, we design and supply Miinus Kitchens. This innovative kitchen and furniture range offers benefits of environmental and human health-centred sustainability, and is suitable for domestic as well as commercial applications.

Bright Designs at Home by Halifax

We are delighted to have partnered up with the nation’s largest mortgage lender to talk all things interior design at their upcoming homebuyer events. Home by Halifax is their innovative new concept branch in the City, with an events space and a talk programme. It’ll be nice for Maria to return to the City, having worked there for years in her previous Equity Markets career!

Don’t expect the usual blah-blah about colour trends, curtains and cushions. Maria’s approach to interior design is much more pragmatic. She will talk about creating meaningful spaces for people; after all, us humans are an indoor species. We spend >90% of our time indoors yet give so little thought to our built environment. Let’s discuss!

First Time Buyer Event: 6pm, Tuesday 5 November 2019
Home Mover Event: 6pm, Thursday 7 November 2019

Sustainable and healthy kitchen design solutions

We enjoyed seeing a news story on our involvement with Miinus Kitchens in industry leading publication KBBDaily. The story highlights not only the benefits of this unique product range, but also our design ethos and our approach to sustainability.

Mid-Century Modern Living

It is an absolute pleasure to be featured in the ultimate guide to all things Mid-Century Modern by the very gurus of this style, Mini Moderns. Their book, Mid-Century Modern Living by Kyle Books, is a brilliantly informative and entertaining overview featuring image upon image of inspiration. Delighted that a Bright Designs project got a spot too, as I am a big fan of their ‘pattern with a story’ mantra.

Top tips on using red to spice up your kitchen

Utopia Kitchens and Bathrooms love to chat to us about all things related to using colour in interiors. Most recently, they asked us to provide ideas on using red when designing a kitchen, ahead of their romance-filled February issue. Read here for our list of top tips, including and most importantly: “a little goes a long way!”

What's the focal point? Easy ways to bring your Bathroom alive

I was asked to contribute once more to Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom magazine (November print edition), providing expert commentary on creating a focal point in the Bathroom. I find that Bathrooms can often appear flat or lifeless because the dominant colour in them is white, while textural variety and pattern are often missing. With this in mind, I suggest ways to create interest and inject personality into a Bathroom through tiles, basins, taps, lighting and more.

Feeling playful? Kitchen and Bathroom design ideas

I was asked to contribute a piece for Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine’s September print edition on colourful and cheerful design inspiration for Kitchens and Bathrooms. If like me, greige leaves you feeling a little bit flat, you can read my practical suggestions on adding colour and interest to your Kitchen and/or Bathroom, so as to turn it into more of a happy and fun space.

The 3 R's of Sustainable Interior Design

My latest guest post in Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine discusses sustainable design practices. Talking about Sustainability is certainly increasingly mainstream, but how about actual design practice? In addition to introducing the issue at hand, I offer some practical advice in the form of the environmentally conscious designer’s mantra – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is a topic I have written on in the past; even if still very much just scratching the surface. Much more to research in this sphere, the work continues!

Health benefits of using natural materials in interiors

When writing, I like approaching a topic within a problem-solution framework. If the problem part of the equation is something people can relate to, then chances are they will read on. For my latest post in Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine I was asked to write about natural materials in interiors. There is an obvious link between natural materials and my very favourite interiors topic – Healthy Spaces – which is what I explore here. The problem I present is poor internal air quality (important, seen as we spend some 90% of our time indoors!)

Natural materials can be a solution. I am ever more convinced that there is more to Interior Design than meets the eye. E.g. such as described in my article, the potential benefits to the health of the users of a space from the materials specified by the designer. Not to mention the principles of the fascinating and inspiring Biophilic design movement, which I am also becoming ever more attuned to. Watch this space!

The psychological effects of colour in interiors

Given my love of colour, and my ongoing search for deeper meaning in all things interiors related, I was asked to contribute a guest post to the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Magazine. The publication focuses on new ideas and inspirational designs – a big pleasure to be associated with such a respected voice in the industry!

My piece explores the psychological effects of colour in interiors. I argue that colour decisions in this context are far from superficial, and can have a major influence not only on the space itself but also on its users. Read it here in full.

Renovation project: How we've designed our cloakroom

The Christchurch Creative team felt that our Grand Designs Live cloakroom design captured exactly what they were hoping to achieve in their own cloakroom renovation. Score! They even met our friends from Mini Moderns, whose wallpaper was used in the set, at a different event months later, confirming that they were indeed replicating our fun-filled and quirky design. So happy to hear that our ideas provide inspiration to others!

Bold and quirky downstairs toilet design

Our Grand Designs Live 2018 downstairs toilet featured in the widely-circulated interior decorating publication House Beautiful. “This lively little space instantly lifts the spirits and brings a touch of summer-infused happiness to the much-maligned cloakroom.”

Grand Designs Live 2018 room set

Delighted to be taking part in this award-winning home event for ideas, inspiration and expert advice. We are showcasing a bright and bold design for the smallest space in the house, and hoping to talk to many homeowners about their own decorating dilemmas. Remember, small need not mean boring!



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