Our focus is on the impacts of space on people and the planet. To this end, we design and advise on designing spaces that will remain relevant beyond the short term, by championing a model of ‘design in time’.


We want to reimagine spatial design as part of the solution, not part of the problem. We think long term, and see the bigger picture.

We live our company values, and share them with you:


We are direct and sincere in our dealings with all clients and partners. We say what we mean, and do what we say.


At the core of what we do is the realisation that we are small and the world is big. So we try to tread lightly.


We understand how much space means to people and impacts them, and design accordingly.


We don’t stand still. We analyse, question and challenge existing mindsets, processes and conventions.


There’s information and then there’s knowledge. We take the former and turn it into the latter, for our clients’ benefit.

our founder

Bright+Boreal was set up in 2015 by Maria Gratsova. Maria is a spatial designer who sees the bigger picture. Although attention to detail is important in interior design, she believes that so is understanding people, space, and people in space.

It didn’t take Maria many years of working as an interior designer to identify the issues with the status quo of design practice. So today, her main professional interests are promoting health and sustainability through spatial design.

As much as studying floorplans, researching new materials, and devising colour schemes, Maria loves to write on all things to do with design. Her primary topics of interest include sustainability and health in the built environment, use of colour in interiors, materials and material innovation, and the ethos and philosophy of design. She also presents on these topics at events, and is available to book for talks and guest lectures.

Winner: Grand Designs Live “The Lavatory Project“, 2018

Shortlisted: Evening Standard “Home Design Award”, 2019 (Pro Kitchens)

Shortlisted: Place2Be Counselling Room design, 2017

Maria’s industry experience includes working with several established design practices. Projects she has worked on range from prime Central London high-end properties to commercial (West End hospitality). She has also been involved with a Silicon Valley tech design start-up, challenging design tradition and outdated processes.

In her pre-design life, Maria spent seven years in Investment Banking in Emerging Markets Equities at Citi and Bank of America. Thanks to this experience, all Bright+Boreal projects are conducted systematically and efficiently, both with regard to time and budget. Maria brings the professionalism and pace of Investment Banking to the world of Interior Design.

Maria’s education includes an Interior Design HE Diploma from the renowned KLC School of Design, and a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics. She will soon complete her MA in Sustainable Design, a progressive research and practice-based programme at the University of Brighton, that inspires her work every day.

Maria speaks several languages, having lived in five countries. For a break from all things design and sustainability, she mainly does sport and outdoor activities with her two young sons.



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